EC Motor Controls
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Evolution Controls Inc. is pleased to present our

expanding line of controllers for the energy-saving EC Motors.


EC Motor Controllers

EVO/ECM-3PT (3 Point Floating Control Unit)
EVO/ECM-4Spd (4 Speed Interface Unit)
EVO/ECM-ACU+ Series 1 (Automation Control Unit)
EVO/ECM-DPC (Differential Air Pressure Control Unit)
EVO/ECM-DTC16 (Differential Temperature Control Unit)
EVO/ECM-EHC (Electric Heater Control Unit)
EVO/ECM-IRC (Infrared Remote Control Units)
EVO/ECM-MDR16 (Motor Driver Control Unit)
EVO/ECM-ModBus (Application-Specific ModBus RTU)
EVO/ECM-MXC2 (2 Motor Control Connector)
EVO/ECM-SNV-S0 (Severe Environment Control Unit)
EVO/ECM-TAPS (Speed Selector Panel)
EVO/ECM-TAPx4 (Four-Line, Four-Function Select Control Unit)
EVO/ECM-VCU (Visual Control Unit)
Retired Products


EVO/ECM-Starter (Starter Package)
ECM-CBL (Power and Control Cables)


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Last modified: November 19, 2017