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Evolution Controls offers a variety of controllers for the G.E. ECM 142, 2.3 and 84mm motors. Please visit our "ECM Products" to view individual controller information.

GE ECMTM 2.3 Motor

GE ECM Technology redefines comfort and efficiency when specified in forced-air heating and cooling systems. These systems feature: more even temperatures, better indoor air quality, precise humidity control, quieter operation and lower utility bills.
bulletUltra-high Efficiency.  
bulletNew Moisture-resistant Design.
bulletEasy Installation and Service.
bulletSelf-regulating Constant Airflow.
bulletLow Audible Noise.
bulletVariable Speed (Vspd) or Thermostat Mode Operation.

GE ECMTM 142 Motor

A number of applications require high efficiency and precise motor speed control without the full complement of programmable control options offered in GE's ECM 2.3 motor.

GE offers the ECM 142 motor for these applications.

bulletUltra-high Efficiency.  
bulletMoisture-resistant Design.
bulletLow Noise.
bulletPrecise Speed (RPM) Control.
bulletReduced Set-up & Inventory Costs.

Wiring Diagrams for the ECM 142 Motor:

GE ECMTM 84 Motor

The 84 Series is the most efficient and versatile motor for air-moving applications up to 90 watts. This technology gives designers and engineers an extremely versatile tool for improving system performance.

The same benefits - wide speed range, high efficiency and programmability - found in the fractional-horsepower ECM motor, are now available in the 84mm frame size.

bulletUltra-high Efficiency.  
bulletIP 44 Compliant.
bulletEasy and Versatile Installation.
bulletSelf-regulating Constant Airflow.


GE ECMTM X13 Motor

The X13 motor is a permanent magnet, three phase, brushless DC motor. A single phase drive is attached to the motor to control it for air over direct drive indoor blower applications.

It is designed to operate in constant torque mode with up to five discrete tap settings for OEM applications. For development use, sample motors can be programmed for variable torque operation to expedite airflow characterization in the unit.


Available in either a 115V or 208V-230V model.  


Available in one of 4 horsepower ratings: 1/3, 1/2, 3/4 and 1 HP.


Programming requires: X13 Toolbox Software, customer license file and an ECM programming interface module with X13 specific cables.


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