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EVOTM/ECM-SNV-S0 Control Unit

The EVO/ECM-SNV Allows industry standard 0Vto+10V automation signals to adjust PWM controlled EC Motors.   The device is designed and packaged to provide a solution for rooftop machinery and other severe environment applications.  

The SNV provides remote adjustment of the motor output from 0% to 100% pwm of the motorís programmed control range.  A signal lamp continuously flashes out the percentage of pwm.  Instruments are not required to read the output. The signal lamp also indicates the EVO/ECM-SNV is powered, the microcontroller is running and indicates the control signal in tenths of a Volt.


The green lamp continuously indicates the %pwm motor control signal.
Pilot Pulse (Autoswitch) provides a 49us pulse at minimum and maximum signal so the motor knows the EVO/ECM-SNV is connected.
Pilot pulse detection switches the motor to be controlled by the pilot pulse capable controller for automation and other special applications.


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