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Click on photo above to view or download VAV with Electric Heat Application Datasheet...


EVOTM/ECM-4Spd Control Unit

Application for VAV with Staged Electric Heat

The EVO/ECM-4Spd control can be applied to most EC fan powered VAV terminals with staged electric heat.

The application provides:

Energy Savings.
Improved Ventilation.
Improved Comfort.


Click on photo above to view or download the Modbus Application Guide...

EVOTM/ECM-Modbus Control Unit

Modbus is an industry standard communications protocol allowing connection to most industrial and building automation systems.

The EVO™/ECM-Modbus RTU allows the automation system to control each

motor's output and on/off; monitor each motor's RPM and control status; and set

default values used during power up and communications interruptions.

Click on photo above to view or download the Variable Flow VAV Terminal Fans Application Datasheet...

Application for Variable Flow VAV Terminal Fans

VAV systems were developed in response to the early 1970's energy crisis. These systems reduced energy usage, sometimes at the expense of comfort.

Today's building owner wants the VAV system's economy without sacrificing comfort.

Many applications require a VAV terminal fan to achieve satisfactory comfort. Recent advances in air moving motor technology allow efficient variable speed operation of these fans.

Variable speed fans may be applied to  improve comfort and save energy.



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