DPC Control Unit
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EVOTM/ECM-DPC Differential Air Pressure Control Unit

The EVO/ECM-DPC controls an EC Motor powered fan to maintain an adjustable static or differential air pressure. Set the air pressure setpoint to the desired pressure. Then proportional & integral control technology modulates the fan to maintain setpoint.


Applications: Rooftop Exhaust, Cleanooms, Ventilation Systems, Modulating Diffuser Systems, Restarurants.
Display shows pressure during operation.  When adjust is turned, the display shows the setpoint.
The display backlight uses color to indicate control loop status.
When a system disturbance or change in setpoint occurs, the backlight changes from green to yellow or red.
Alarms: If the system fails to maintain setpoint, the display remains red.




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Last modified: June 22, 2017