DTC16 Differential Temperature Control
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Differential Temperature Control Unit

The EVO/ECM-DTC16 sets the EC Motor speed depending on the temperature difference measured by two temperature sensors. The DTC16 controls up to 16 EC Motors in unison.


All setpoints are factory set in EEPROM.
A 4-position jumper header allows user-select options defined in the application.
Allows connection of an EEPROM programmer.
A red power lamp indicates power to the control is on.
The application may redefine the function of either lamps.

Applications for this hardware are developed from requests by equipment manufacturers...

Existing Applications:


Refrigeration Evaporator Fan Control
A Two speed (2x) Evaporator Fan Control



Click on photo above to view or download the SNS-AA  Datasheet...

EVOTM/SNS-AA (Used in Conjuction with the EVO/ECM-DTC16)

Thermistor Sensor/Refrigeration Pipe Sensor


1K NTC thermistor probe suitable for room temperature and cold locations with condensation.
6' low smoke zero haolgen jacketed sensor cable
Suitable for industrial, commercial, transportation
Suitable for confined-space applications requiring flame retardant low-smoke cables.



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