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Evolution Controls Inc. is pleased to present our newest additions to the

expanding line of controllers for the energy-saving EC Motors.


EC Motor Controllers


EVO/ECM-DPC (Differential Pressure Control Unit)  (Click Part Number to access the DPC Web Page and Datasheet)
Finally, an easy to use, cost effective, one piece air pressure controller for EC motors.  Control the air pressure in a space served by and EC driven fan.  Great solution for variable volume building exhaust systems, room pressurization, and duct/plenum pressurization where the space is served by and EC Motor powered fan.  


EVO/ECM-SNV (Severe Environment Control Unit)  (Click Part Number to access the SNV Web Page and Datasheet)
If you need a simple, rugged 0-+10V to ECM motor interface, the ECM-SNV Severe Environment control is the right choice.  Small and simple to mount. Simply connect ~24V power, an input signal and two or three wires to the motor to start using the control.  Mount the SNV in warm moist climates, or where cold weather taxes the life of other controls. 


HVAC Motor Controllers


EVO/10Y-PWMa (Pulse Width Modulation Control Unit)  (Click Part Number to access the 10Y-PWMa Web Page and Datasheet)
The EVO/10Y-PWMa converts a PWM signal to 0 to +10V signal.  It works with a wide range of pulses. The pulse input is electrically isolated from the   AC/DC 24V power and output signal.    Use this control to connect a 0 to +10V devices to EC Motor controls Or use it in a network to distribute and share a 0 to +10V signal with multiple devices.



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Last modified: April 03, 2017