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Typical Component Side of Control

EC Motor Control Test Procedure

High Voltage Fault Test

Perform this test in addition to all tests and practices prescribed by the equipment manufacturer and your professional training.

Click on photo to access the EC Motor Control Test Procedure Datasheet.

Electrical Interference from HVAC Relays

Most relays used in HVAC machines allow low voltage 24Vac circuits to control high voltage, high current devices like motors and electric heating elements.  These relays need special attention so they do not interfere with electronic devices inside or near the HVAC machine.

Click on photo to access the Electrical Interference Datasheet.

+5V Calibration Tech Bulletin

Many EVO products have an adjustment marked +5V CAL. This is a factory set adjustment that affects the accuracy of the productís 0-10Vdc inputs and outputs.


Periodic adjustment is not required.


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EVOTM/PWM-Protocol Schematic

Standard For Electrically Isolated Control of Motors, Drives, Heaters and other High Voltage Equipment...



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